70 Second Solfege
  • 70 Second Solfege
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70 Second Solfege is a brand new approach to sight-singing. NO subscriptions, NO additional materials required, and NO need for lengthy teacher explanations. This allows choir directors to make their way throughout the classroom, while students study each solfege example, not having to worry about giving starting notes or stay in the front of the room. This purchase comes with a reproducible PDF of all 30 sight-singing examples and guided videos for all 30 sight-singing examples; totaling nearly 2 hours of video content!

Through the use of this interactive video series, students are guided through a brief explanation of the essential musical elements for each 8 measure exercise, as well as any challenging areas that may need special attention. The class then has 70 seconds to silently audiate the solfege while a background tempo is played. When the 70 seconds are up, students follow the solfege on screen and sing the example through twice. Then the tempo speeds up and the class sings through it once more, followed by the final challenge of an even faster tempo for the last performance!

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70 Second Solfege (Classroom Set)
  • 70 Second Solfege (Classroom Set)
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This CLASSROOM SET of 70 Second Solfege comes with recording rights so students or teachers can use the individual videos to record their performances for practice or even as part of class assignments. Each sight-singing example has its own, separate video, so teachers can individually post, email, or share with students. This Classroom Set also comes with a reproducible sight-singing rubric PDF that students can fill out after each example or assignment! Additionally, this purchase comes with a reproducible PDF of all 30 sight-singing examples and guided videos for all 30 sight-singing examples; totaling nearly 2 hours of video content!

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Interactive Choir Rounds! (Video/Audio Package)
  • Interactive Choir Rounds! (Video/Audio Package)
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The Interactive Choir Rounds Video Package is a breakthrough approach to teaching rounds to choirs. Combining the ear-training benefits of choir rounds with literacy-building video guides, Interactive Choir Rounds contains 3 different videos that guide choirs through musical rounds that are both educational and fun!

Each self-guided video rehearses 2 different rounds with the entire choir before splitting into 3-parts. These videos are perfect as warmups for a choir or mid-rehearsal ear-training exercises!

Every Interactive Choir Rounds package comes with 3 self-guided videos, a reproducible PDF of the sheet music to all 6 educational rounds, as well as accompaniment tracks for students and choirs to create their own unique lyrics to each round's melody! Choir warmups, ear-training exercises, and creative approaches to music notation, all in one package!

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Super Solfege Seven!
  • Super Solfege Seven!
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Super Solfege Seven is a bingo-style solfege and rhythm identification game. Students attempt to correctly identify various 4 beat pitch and rhythm patterns and then cross out the accompanying notation on their Super Solfege Seven handout.

At the end of the game, the back of the handout has pre-arranged staff where students can create their own melodies using the examples they just identified! There are 10 unique, Super Solfege Seven Handouts in this download so you can play time and time again! Total run time of the video is about 20 minutes, and along with the handout, this activity should easily fill up a 40 minute lesson (or more). GamePlay is ALL explained in the video, so kick back, relax, and watch your students strengthen their audiation muscles!

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Choir Vocal Warmup Video #5 (The Hip-Hop One!)
  • Choir Vocal Warmup Video #5 (The Hip-Hop One!)
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Over a decade ago when I was finishing up my degree in music education, if you told me that one day I would be creating digital choir resources published by JW Pepper as well as my own website, I would have just laughed.

Not only is this true today, but I am happy to announce my 5th choir vocal warmup video...and it is DEFINITELY different. Inspired by my students’ love for hip-hop, this new warmup will have your choir singing and dancing along while warming up their voice and improving their music literacy skills! This video guides students through a variety of exercises emphasizing proper vowel shape, vocal articulation, as well as challenging them to be independent sight-readers! The total run-time for the warmup is a little more than 6 minutes. Thanks as always for your support and valuable feedback!

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